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EU Council wants free access to Karabakh and for Armenia Visa Facilitation, free trade and more democratisation

On 27 February, the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU defined the framework for the EU's relations with the South Caucasus for the near future.   "The Council statement describes a new quality of relations between the EU and Armenia, including Visa Facilitation and the DCFTA, but also the conditions for further assistance and integration. But most strikingly, the EU acknowledges that EU officials should travel freely to and engage with Nagorno-Karabakh, disregarding infamous pressures... Read more

Constitutional Court strengthens media freedom in Armenia

European Friends of Armenia strongly welcomes this week's ruling of Armenia's Constitutional Court, which strengthens media freedom. The ruling provides interpretation guidelines for the new defamation law, following a request by the Armenian Ombudsman, Karen Andreasyan. During the recently organised EuFoA round-table on the state of Democracy and Human Rights in Armenia, Mr Andreasyan elaborated his decision to address the Court, saying that "even though the law itself is good and largely... Read more

Statement of the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council on Armenia’s Independence Day

  Շնորհավոր Հայաստան!*   The Europe-Armenia Advisory Council extends its warmest and most sincere congratulations to the people of Armenia today, 21 September, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Armenia's independence. Situated in Europe's eastern periphery, this ancient Christian country with its profound cultural richness has successfully taken on the challenge of developing its young state. Today, Armenia faces a number of challenges, both old... Read more

EuFoA publishes two new shortpapers: EU aid in Armenia AND Poll: Oil and democracy in UK-Azerbaijan relations

Today, European Friends of Armenia published a paper "Oil and democracy in the UK-Azerbaijan relations - an opinion poll analysis", in addition to a shortpaper "The EU's assistance and development programmes in Armenia - an introduction with concrete examples" on EU aid in Armenia, issued on Wednesday 31 August 2011. Both documents are available on EuFoA's website here. "We prepared the EU aid shortpaper because our own opinion poll from November 2010 has shown that most people in Armenia have... Read more

Azerbaijani Deputy PM: Our Karabakh negotiations are only show for the international community

In a recent interview with Turkish media, the Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Hasanov has made a shockingly open statement, admitting that "Baku is negotiating with Yerevan solely for the sake of negotiating, as Azerbaijan would be labelled an 'anti-democratic state' if it did not participate in the meetings". He then went on to speculate about Turkey's role in a new war about Karabakh: "We always say that if things keep going this way, we could declare war. We would have liked to see Turkey... Read more

Kazan postpones Karabakh solution as Azerbaijan again threatens war

Hopes had been flying high ahead of the Kazan summit of 25 June, with the Minsk Group Co-Chairs repeatedly stating that the document for a solution of the Karabakh conflict now balances postulates of all parties to the conflict. However, despite the intensive pressure of the Co-Chairs, the Kazan summit did not offer the expected breakthrough. "It was visible in Kazan and even before that Azerbaijan does not agree to the package of the Basic Principles proposed by the OSCE Minsk Group.... Read more

EP hearing clarifies hopes and fears for Kazan summit on Karabakh

During the European Parliament (EP) hearing of 15 June 2011 on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the OSCE Minsk-Group Co-Chairs Robert Bradke (USA) and Bernard Fassier (France) expressed hope for the upcoming Kazan trilateral summit, saying that an agreement on the Basic Principles for settling the conflict is within reach. "I asked whether the Co-Chairs have received any new signal from Azerbaijan that they might now really accept all of the Madrid Principles, including a legally binding vote on... Read more

Հայաստանի Եվրոպացի Բարեկամները ողջունում են իշխանության և ընդդիմության ներկայացուցիչների մեկշաբաթյա անսովոր զիջողական հայտարարությունների արդյունքում կատարված առաջին քայլերը երկու ճամբարների միջև իսկական քաղաքական երկխոսություն ծավալելու համար:

Over the past 3 days, almost all European organisations hailed the amnesty passed by the Armenian National Assembly on 26 May 2011 and implemented within less than 24 hours. With this, the government has made a good-will gesture following demands of the Armenian National Congress (ANC), the most vocal of the three major opposition blocks. The amnesty follows an unprecedented dialogue between the ANC and the government, which already led to an agreement over allowing demonstrations on the most... Read more

EuFoA hails new dialogue between government and opposition

Following a week of unusually conciliatory statements from government and opposition representatives, European Friends of Armenia hails the first steps towards a real political dialogue between the two camps. Traditionally, the political climate in Armenia has been very polarised and personalised, rather than one of dialogue and respect for different views. "This is a totally new tone in Armenian politics, driven by the personalities involved. If the healthy variety of political blocks in... Read more

EuFoA welcomes EP Resolution on European Neighbourhood Policy

European Friends of Armenia strongly welcomes the new European Parliament (EP) resolution on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The plenary adopted the text yesterday, 7 April 2011, which is a review of the Eastern Dimension of the ENP and summarises the EU's policy vis-à-vis Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus*, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. "Today is EuFoA's second anniversary and we are very happy about this present, because the resolution is a strong signal by the EU to support the ENP... Read more

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