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EuFoA in the Media

War in Nagorno-Karabakh – the ceasefire that never was

Great hopes and optimism were placed in the ability for a Moscow-brokered ceasefire to hold this weekend. Such misplaced optimism highlights an unwillingness to accept what the current problem actually is. Azerbaijan has tired of negotiations and concluded that its aims are best served, at least for now, by the use of force. Convincing it otherwise is the real task at hand.   Read full article... Read more

Nagorno-Karabakh: 30 years on, time for the EU to raise its game

"February 20, 2018 marks 30 years since the People’s Deputies of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (NKAO) approved the formal petition requesting the transfer of jurisdiction from Azerbaijani to Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR)', says EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto in his op-ed for Euractiv. " 30 years on, the time has come for the EU to raise its game in Nagorno-Karabakh. Would it be less simple than it seems reading these lines? Maybe… Would it be worth trying?... Read more

“The most important thing at this stage is that Armenia ratifies CEPA as soon as possible” -EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto’s Interview with 1in.am

In his interview with Armenian news agency 1in.am, EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto touches upon several topics, including the ratification and implementation of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA).   - Mr. Pinto, my first question is about the upcoming visit by Armenian President to Strasbourg and his speech in PACE on January 24 What do you think, what is going to be his aim and priorities there in terms of statements, political messages, diplomatic priorities?... Read more

EuFoA to contribute to the EU-Armenia agreement’s ratification process

In his interview with Armenpress, EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto talks about the recent signing of the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and EuFoA contribution to its ratification.   “We should contribute to the acceleration of this process in order to start the next steps, and as a next important step I want to highlight the issue of visa liberalization. The dialogue should launch on this path, and I think both sides have expressed readiness for... Read more

‘CEPA must be saved and signed as soon as possible’ – EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto’s interview for 1in.am

In his interview to Aram Sargsyan from Armenian news agency 1in.am, EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto talks about the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit and the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA).   Just one week left until the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels, where  the Armenian side is expected to sign the CEPA document with the EU. During the last weeks we were discussing the a delay in the signing of the Agreement  due to some technical... Read more

Will Nagorno Karabakh conflict have an impact on the process leading to the signing of EU-Armenia Agreement? – EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto’s Interview with 1in.am

One of the main reasons of the tense situation created in Nagorno-Karbakh conflict is Azerbaijan's aggressive behaviour. In certain sense Nagorno-Karabakh has become a platform for Aliyev's personal ambitions. Aliyev wants to strengthen his power  by portraying Nagorno-Karbakh and Armenian people  as the  "foreign enemy". EuFoA Director Diogo Pinto has answered our questions concerning this topic   Diogo, my first question is about Europe and European problems now. After elections... Read more

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