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Who we are - EuFoA

Who we are

Building bridges between Europe and Armenia

European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) is an international non-governmental organization seeking to support cooperation and build bridges between Armenian and European decision makers and civil society in the fields of politics, business and culture.

Armenia and the EU work hard to make projects like the Eastern Partnership become a noticeable success. People in Armenia feel that the EU is making a small positive difference for them, and the EU sees that Armenia is a strategic, economic and cultural partner worth engaging with. The political, economic and cultural co-operation of the past years has shown that much progress is possible and already very visible.

Moreover, EuFoA is open to cooperation with all parts of civil society as well as NGOs sharing our goals and values. We also promote partnerships with different organisations, associations as well as Diaspora and Armenian communities.

EuFoA is a member of the European Movement International and the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.



  • To strengthen the relations between the EU and Armenia.
  • To help understand through reflection and debate the current situation in Armenia.
  • To link decision makers on both sides and inform about challenges and successes in European-Armenian relations.
  • To foster people-to-people contacts between key members of the civil society.
  • To raise awareness of Armenia.
  • To provide decision-makers and those who influence the public opinion with information about the Armenian reality.
  • To gather together Armenian friends and establish a connection between them.




The EuFoA secretariat is composed of a small but dynamic and multi-national team in the following departments:

Advocacy and Networking

Policy Development

Communications and External Relations 

Administrative and Financial

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May 2024