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What we do - EuFoA

What we do

European Friends of Armenia works towards a better understanding of the challenges facing Europe and Armenia, and its relation. Our activities are open to all who are interested in Armenia and EU-Armenia relations.

EuFoA aims to improve the overall relationship between the European Union and Armenia and vice versa. Therefore, the organisation is active in several areas, including:

  • Networking and cooperating with EU Institutions: EuFoA actively works across the EU and member states to monitor all legislation that impacts on Armenia, and providing its support to new initiatives.
  • Academic research: the publications of papers and reports provide an insight into the Armenian political landscape as well as the issues related to EU-Armenia relations
  • Event management: Through our briefings, conferences and reports, EuFoA fosters open and insightful discussions on a wide range of EU-Armenia related issues.
  • Communications and media engagement: EuFoA communications strategy aims at increasing visibility of Armenia related issues at EU level


Honorary Council

In November 2017, European Friends of Armenia launched the Honorary Council (thus replacing the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council), a body consisting of highly influential European personalities from the political, business and cultural spheres, who share EuFoA’s values and ideas and, thus, are ready and willing to take an active role and serve as ambassadors and advocates for the organisation, directly addressing issues relevant to EuFoA.

Using the knowledge, experience and influence of the Honorary Council members, EuFoA seeks to promote mutual understanding and foster relations between Armenia and Europe as well as achieve its long-term policy goals.

Click HERE to download the list of EuFoA Honorary Council members.



More information on EuFoA: 

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