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Support Us - EuFoA

Support Us

Support European Friends of Armenia


Thank you for your interest in our organisation. The support we receive from individuals and organisations is extremely valuable to us, as it enables us to achieve our main goals: enhancing a mutual understanding and promoting a close cooperation between Europe and Armenia.

For more information about EuFoA, please visit our FAQ page. To learn more about our activities, please check out our Events section and Press corner.


Credibility comes with transparency: We are proud to be one of the first Foreign Affairs NGOs registered in the EU’s voluntary Transparency Register and committed to its Code of Conduct (reg. number 71696536357-87).


If you wish to make a contribution to EuFoA, please contact:

Mr Diogo Pinto, Director

+32 2 233 11 00 or



Our donations mainly come from international corporations active in Armenia or members of their management. Their goal is to help Armenia develop in a stable, democratic and prosperous way, all of which is provided for in the EU’s co-operation with Armenia. While our initial sponsoring came from Armenia, we seek to diversify our financial sources and particularly invite interested parties based or active in Western Europe to support us. With all our sponsors we have a non-interference agreement, meaning that they do not influence our day-to-day work at any time.


Thank you very much for your support.



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June 2024