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Interview of EuFoA’s director Diogo Pinto: “Armenia is reforming and modernising itself, thus making EU efforts effective and truly valuable”

In an interview to Bridging Europe the director of EuFoA Diogo Pinto talked about EU-Armenia relations. "​European Friends of Armenia remains available to help the EU audiences understand the problems and grievances of the Armenian people. ​In that sense, the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the ongoing dispute around Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) are two good examples of issues in which we want to help our Armenian friends...",-said Mr. Pinto. The full version of the article... Read more

Nagorno-Karabakh: Ballots, not bullets

Diogo Pinto, EuFoA's Director, six months after Four Day War, which has taken away many people's lives, gives an overview of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict on Read more

Diogo Pinto: “People in Brussels were Really Looking Forward to See Electoral Reforms Happening and This will Give a Lot of Hope and Energy to the Process”

Interview with Diogo Pinto, Director of European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA). Mr. Pinto you have been appointed as a Director of European Friends of Armenia recently, thus, it’s interesting to know your plans as a Director of this organization. To your mind what will be the main challenge for you at this difficult period in Armenia-EU relations? Let me try to answer connecting them, as the plans are connected to the challenges, of course. You said that these are difficult times, in terms... Read more

Interview: It’s time to use international sanctions against Azerbaijan

In an interview with the state news agency Armenpress on the recent clashes in Nagorno Karabakh, Mr. Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa, EuFoA Director, stressed that the lack of respect of international law and the basic principle of non-use of force has resulted in the gravest military escalation since the cease-fire was signed.     (source:'s-time-to-use-international-sanctions-against-azerbaijan.html)   Eduardo... Read more

MEP Engel Asks European Commission about Exclusion of Karabakhi Students

Frank Engel has asked the European Commission in a written question about the exclusion of Karabakhi students and teachers from education programmes sponsored by the European Union.  Students from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic cannot take part in these exchanges that are also available for the youth of any neighbour country, including the eastern Partnership area. Mr Engel wants to know exactly on what basis they are being excluded.   The European Commission is also a full member of... Read more

Euronest, a Multilateral Dimension of Relations with Europe

Ahead of the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly to be held in Yerevan on 16-18 March, EuFoA Director Mr Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa has been asked to write a column presenting EURONEST and Armenia's involvement within this Assembly.   The article entitled "Euronest, a Multilateral Dimension of Relations with Europe" was published by the monthly Armenian magazine of the Economics & Law Centre. The Centre began its activities with the publication of the magazine for managers and the... Read more

EP Foreign Affairs Committee states Armenian Genocide is a human rights issue

This week the Foreign Affairs standing committee of the European Parliament adopted its annual report on "human rights and democracy in the world" with several paragraphs related to Armenia. Most importantly, it underlines a clear approach towards genocides and genocide denials, among other issues.   "In particular, several new amendments voted by the committee refer to genocides as well as the 100 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and request that member states acknowledge it,... Read more

European Friends of Armenia, a bridge between Yerevan and Brussels

What role does EuFoA play in Brussels? How does it work towards deepening European-Armenian relations? What relationships does our NGO have with Azerbaijani and other Armenian organisations?   Our director, Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa, describes EuFoA's missions and functioning in an interview with the monthly French magazine France-Arménie.     Read the full article (in... Read more

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