Round table on Association Agreement negotiations

On Tuesday 6 July 2010, EuFoA held a round table at its Brussels office with Mr Gunnar Wiegand, Director for Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia at DG Relex in the European Commission. The subject of the round-table was the new and upcoming Association Agreement negotiations between the EU and Armenia.
Armenia and the EU are currently developing an increasingly close relationship which goes beyond mere cooperation. More than one year has passed since the launch of the Eastern Partnership, the Union’s ambitious, deep and far reaching project meant to frame relations with its six former-Soviet Eastern neighbours shaped by the principles of inclusiveness, differentiation and joint ownership. At that time political commentators and policy makers were divided over the success in the process of giving political substance to declared ambitions by the Union, while implementing the EaP.
A partial answer to the uncertainty in this process is the start of negotiations, in July 2010, of Association Agreements between the EU and Armenia (as well as Azerbaijan and Georgia) aimed at further political association and economic integration. The successful conclusion of these negotiations will represent a turning point in the process of deepening and widening of the relations between Armenia and the EU. These relations are characterised by pragmatic policy planning and implementation on both sides in terms of progressive consolidation of European values in Armenia and EU commitment towards the country and the geopolitical arena it is situated in.
However, while the gains from the successful conclusion of negotiations are high for both parties, the process can also be influenced by internal and external challenges on the way ahead.

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