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EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly adopts 6 texts, one on the Armenian Genocide - EuFoA

EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly adopts 6 texts, one on the Armenian Genocide

On 17 March, the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly (PA) adopted 4 reports and 2 urgent resolutions – one of them on the Armenian Genocide – during its fourth ordinary session taking place in Yerevan this week. The documents concern the areas of economic integration, political affairs, energy security and social issues and put forward several proposals on

“Engaging in a stronger partnership between the EU and Eastern European partner countries through the European Neighbourhood Instrument for 2014-2020”, “Infrastructural cooperation between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries: road, rail and air transport joint projects” or “Culture and intercultural dialogue in the context of the Eastern Partnership”.


Speaking from the Assembly, EuFoA Director Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa comments: “It is the second time that EURONEST is hosted in Yerevan, which shows that the Armenian delegation is really active within this very important assembly. It is a good signal for the future of EU-Armenia cooperation as well. Moreover, the texts adopted today will help to strengthen the practical dimension of EU-Armenia relations, going beyond mere declarations.”


In the adopted texts, the EURONEST PA calls on the EU to further contribute to the opening of borders in its immediate neighborhood. Furthermore, from a political and social perspective the texts adopted also call for a visa free-regime at least in some cases and on the Russian Federation to refrain from any intervention in Ukraine. Concerning energy, the Parliamentary Assembly emphasizes the importance of the EU programs for EaP countries.


A special attention was paid to the EURONEST PA Resolution on the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

Mr Lorenzo Ochoa comments: “This urgent resolution includes some new important aspects compared to previous resolutions adopted by European structures, and we are proud of our contribution to make it possible. It is especially relevant because none of the Eastern Partner countries who are members of EURONEST PA has recognized the Armenian Genocide yet. We hope that this resolution will serve as the first step for them to condemn the Armenian Genocide, joining their voices to the EU and adding to European solidarity.”

In particular, the resolution “condemns all forms of crimes against humanity and genocide and deeply deplores attempts of their denial” and “supports the international struggle for the prevention of genocides, the restoration of the rights of people subjected to genocide and the establishment of historical justice”.

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