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EuFoA hosts a conference in the framework of NATO week in Armenia - EuFoA

EuFoA hosts a conference in the framework of NATO week in Armenia

On Tuesday, 13 October in Yerevan, EuFoA hosted a conference in the framework of NATO week in Armenia, co-sponsored by NATO, entitled “EU and NATO – how to secure stability for Armenia and the South Caucasus”. The speakers for the event included Mr Armen Yedigarian, Director of Arms Control and International Security Department from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, Mr Michel Duray, Head of NATO Outreach Countries Section and Mr Zbigniew Rybacki, NATO Liaison Officer for the Caucasus. The conference was hosted by Mr Hovhannes Grigoryan, Director of EuFoA’s Armenian branch and Dr Michael Kambeck, Secretary General. 55 people attended the event.


The conference found that both the EU and NATO play roles in securing stability and peace in Armenia and the South Caucasus. The organisations are separate but are both based on the values of democracy and good governance; their actions in this field are coordinated. However, more generally they have very different focuses: the EU is a soft power with a focus on the economy, politics and on democracy, whilst NATO focuses more on security. The work of both organisations is rathercomplementary. The conference concluded that Armenia’s wish to co-operate with the EU on the one hand and with NATO on the other hand, is not in a competitive way. It is also not incompetition with Armenia’s strategic partnership with Russia, which has a strong value on its own. All these relationships play a vital role for Armenia’s foreign policy.

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