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EuFoA express grief at His Excellency Bishop Joseph Homeyer's sudden death - EuFoA

EuFoA express grief at His Excellency Bishop Joseph Homeyer’s sudden death

It is with great sadness and dismay that we learned that one member of our Europe-Armenia Advisory Council, His Excellency Bishop Joseph Homeyer, bishop emeritus of Hildesheim and former head of COMECE (Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community) recently passed away.

“We have met so many people who had a personal story to tell about him – both in Brussels and Armenia -, who would speak about him with sympathy and always with great respect for his reconciliation achievements and his personal commitment for understanding between people and religions,” commented Michael Kambeck, Secretary General of EuFoA.


Bishop Homeyer will be remembered for his commitment to embody a Christian orientation in the Lisbon Treaty and for his strong ecumenical engagement. His sudden death is a big loss not only for the catholic religious community but for the whole European scene.
The funeral of Bishop Homeyer took place this Saturday, 10 April in Hildesheim.



Please click here to read the press release of COMECE (in French).
Please click here to read the press release of Professor Hans-Gert Pöttering, Chair of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (in German).

Published on Wednesday 14 April 2010

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