EuFoA Director delivers a speech at the European Parliament and lectures International MBA Deusto University students

On Tuesday 3 February 2015, EuFoA Director, Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa, delivered a keynote speech during a conference at the European Parliament about advocacy in the European Union to a group of international young professionals coming from 19 European countries. The conference was hosted by the EPP group in the European Parliament. During his speech, he introduced several guidelines on how to better communicate and put forward the legitimate interest vis-à-vis the European Institutions.

In addition, Mr Lorenzo lectured, that same week, the students of the International MBA of Deusto University. His speech covered the European Institutional set-up as well as effectively communicating businesses’ positions in the EU. The University of Deusto puts an emphasis on a practical approach of teaching and succeeds in sending out young professionals to lead businesses on an international level.

“The two invitations show on the one hand our level of transparency, our NGO is happy to share its experience with others. Thus, they also imply that EuFoA must have reached some level of expertise in this field”, EuFoA Director declared.

In recent years, Mr Lorenzo has been teaching at universities across Europe including the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de la Rochelle, the National Democratic Institute of Armenia and the Diplomatic School of Armenia, which he helped establishing. Mr Lorenzo has additionally been providing trainings to senior civil servants in Armenia.

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