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EuFoA creates Europe-Armenia Advisory Council - EuFoA

EuFoA creates Europe-Armenia Advisory Council

European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) is delighted to announce today the launch of the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council. Based in Brussels, the Council will be a unique body to promote relations between Europe and Armenia from the European side. Composed of leading representatives from the political, business and cultural spheres from across Europe, it will provide guidance on all major issues in these areas.


“I want to thank those who already agreed to join the Council, which will be a key European platform for the Europe-Armenia debate and have a significant impact. It is the first institution of its kind in this field and largely non-Diaspora based. The Council underlines the important role both partners play in furthering peace and prosperity in Armenia and the South Caucasus region – the main goal of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the new Eastern Partnership initiative”, says Secretary General Michael Kambeck.


Through the creation of the Council, EuFoA seeks to make use of the knowledge and experience of the Council members in order to better pursue its goals. The Council will also advise EuFoA on its long term policies and become an integral part of its wider network. EuFoA is a young NGO which uses its network to facilitate contacts between Europe and Armenia, promoting good relations and understanding between the two sides, an area which has become one of the top priorities on the EU agenda.


For more information on EuFoA and future activities around the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council please visit our website at www.eufoa.org


Download our press release in PDF format.

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December 2023