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Azerbaijani Deputy PM: Our Karabakh negotiations are only show for the international community - EuFoA

Azerbaijani Deputy PM: Our Karabakh negotiations are only show for the international community

In a recent interview with Turkish media, the Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Hasanov has made a shockingly open statement, admitting that “Baku is negotiating with Yerevan solely for the sake of negotiating, as Azerbaijan would be labelled an ‘anti-democratic state’ if it did not participate in the meetings”. He then went on to speculate about Turkey’s role in a new war about Karabakh: “We always say that if things keep going this way, we could declare war. We would have liked to see Turkey behind us, but there is international law.” Mr Hasanov also revealed other backgrounds of Azerbaijani foreign policy in a rarely open manner, notably towards Cyprus, Iran and Russia.

Our Secretary General, Dr Michael Kambeck, has asked us to forward a link to the Hurriyet article (below), combined with the following reaction: “Hasanov’s statements match with the actions of his government. Baku has torpedoed the ‘High-hope’ summit of Kazan at the last moment and experts say they have now also rejected the post-Kazan OSCE Minsk Group proposal. In March this year, they have rejected the OSCE proposed confidence building measure for removing snipers, which Armenia accepted. And despite complaining about victims on their side, Baku does not allow the conclusion of OSCE investigations into the incidents, violating the 2011 Sochi agreement. Now they are clearly testing the international reactions to such war statements. Along with redoubled lobbying campaigns all around the EU, it seems that Azerbaijan is simply trying hard to stall the OSCE Minsk Group and remove all obstacles for war. Rationally, this is in nobody’s interest!”

Please click here to download the Press release in PDF format.

Please click here to download the Hyrriyet Daily News article.

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April 2024