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Armenia hosts Junior Eurovision 2011 song contest - EuFoA

Armenia hosts Junior Eurovision 2011 song contest

On 3 December 2011 Armenia hosted the Junior Eurovision 2011 song contest at the Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex in Yerevan. Participants from thirteen European countries took part in the contest.
Below we provide you with an article by Panarmenian.net on the event.


Junior Eurovision 2011: Armenia can host large-scale international contests




On December 3, Yerevan hosted Junior Eurovision 2011, with Candy from Georgia winning the song contest.


Almost everybody discussed the contest with certain percentage of people doubting Armenia’s abilities to host an event of such a scale, majority being pessimistic. Despite this, the show was held. Foreign journalists, tourists that attended the contest admired both the country and the event.



“I am extremely happy as everything went perfectly well as planned,” Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.
“Armenians are a great bunch of people and even the youngest kids speak fluent English! They are honest and very hospitable. Armenian TV did its absolute best and the show was an almost sell out on the Jury Final and a complete sell out of the Final. Everyone from the international media loved it here,” journalist Juergen Boernig (Netherlands) said.
Despite this, many Armenians are still displeased claiming the contest was not interesting enough and contenders performed badly. However, stages of previous Junior Eurovision contests were not better, even given the fact that new concert complexes were built in many countries including Belarus.
Among the many benefits Junior Eurovision brought Armenia is enabling many Europeans to familiarize themselves with the county and people. Many enjoyed the show; foreign journalists expressed hope to visit the country again.
Armenia gained a huge experience in organizing such large-scale events proving that it is able to host international contests of this type.
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