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Armen Sarkissian’s election as President of the Republic of Armenia: an important Milestone in Armenian Politics - EuFoA

Armen Sarkissian’s election as President of the Republic of Armenia: an important Milestone in Armenian Politics

BRUSSELS, 2 MARCH 2018 – Today’s election of Armen Sarkissian as President of the Republic of Armenia represents an important milestone in Armenian politics. This historic moment comes after the adoption of the constitutional amendments introduced by the 2015 referendum, and completes the transition of the Republic of Armenia from a semi-presidential to a parliamentary system.


The shift to a parliamentary system, similar to those of many European Union states, has transferred the executive power to the Government and the Prime Minister, but the more ceremonial role the President will play is no less important. “Impartial” and “guided exclusively by state-wide and nation-wide interests” (Article 123.3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia), the President embodies the values of all the citizens and represents national unity. During his seven-year mandate, President Sarkissian will be expected to perform his duties as a super partes figure—above party politics—and to act independently from the parliament and the government. He can therefore support the agenda of reforms aimed to benefit all the citizens at domestic level, while speaking on behalf of the country as a whole in international fora.


This shift also conveys a strong message of the direction Armenian society has decided to follow. In spite of totalitarian regimes thriving in its neighbourhood, Armenia has pursued positive reforms in the most recent past, especially in the areas of democracy, human rights, rule of law, consolidation of judiciary, development of public and social institutions, and good governance. These reforms will be further encouraged and supported by the implementation of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA), signed with the European Union (EU) last November.


EuFoA wishes President Sarkissian the very best in strengthening Armenia’s ties with the European Union, and supporting the continuation of reforms towards a fairer, wealthier, and more democratic state and society.


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