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EuFoA comments on EU Delegation trip to South Caucasus

In an article appeared in Radio Free Europe on 1 March, EuFoA commented on the EU Delegation trip to South Caucasus praising the EU for its more more active involvement in the Western-backed process.   Below we provide you with the article from Radio Free Europe.     EU Delegation Due in Armenia (Source:     A high-level delegation of the European Union led by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel... Read more

Turkey should make friends with Armenia to win confidence of the European Union

On 26 February, ArmInfo published an interview with Dr Kambeck, Secretary General of EuFoA, about the open letter released by the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council calling upon a prompt intervention of the EU on the Turkey-Armenia rapprochement.   Below we provide you with the whole interview from ArmInfo. Turkey should make friends with Armenia to win confidence of the European Union (Source:... Read more

PanArmenian published EuFoA commentary on Turkey-Armenia rapprochement

In an article published in, EuFoA team commented on the Turkey-Armenia rapprochement stressing that if the normalisation process is successful, all the region will benefit from it.   Below we provide you with the two articles quoting EuFoA Secretary General, Dr Michael Kambeck. Turkey is now at the crossroads (Source:   If Turkey wants to be seen as a credible international player, one whose signature has a... Read more

Armenia can become one of regional energy hubs in case of opening borders with Turkey

On 17 February, PanArmenian published a commentary from EuFoA's team about the situation of the ratification of the protocols. /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Turkish civil society seems to be the main pushing force behind the ratification of the protocols in Turkey, Dr. Sargis Ghazaryan, Senior Research Fellow at European Friends of Armenia organization believes. "As we know, according to the provisions of the protocols, Turkey should open its border with Armenia in two months time after their... Read more

Protocols ratification and implementation – necessary condition to unleash Armenia’s potential

On 17 February, PanArmenian published a commentary from EuFoA's team about Turkey-Armenia rapprochement. /PanARMENIAN.Net/ If Turkey-Armenia rapprochement, initiated by Armenia, supported by the most influential actors of the international arena, namely Russia, USA and EU that led to the signature of bilateral protocols on 10 October 2009 were to succeed, it would deeply transform and enhance the strategic posture of both Armenia and Turkey. Moreover, its spill-over effect would have the... Read more

Media coverage on the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council’s open letter on the rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey

The open letter on Armenia-Turkey rapprochement issued by EuFoA's Europe-Armenia Advisory Council has received a wide coverage in the media and feedback from the European institutions. EuFoA discussed the open letter with representatives of all EU institutions and received very positive feedback.   Below we provide you with an op-ed article by Europe-Armenia Advisory Council member, Frank Engel, MEP, on the Turkey-Armenia relations, published in this week's edition of New... Read more

EuFoA’s Secretary General comments on Turkish-Armenian thaw

Soccer Diplomacy May Speed Turkish-Armenian Thaw (source:   By Ben Holland   Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan may not mind if Turkey's soccer team thrashes Armenia this week. He has his sights set on a higher goal -- ending a century-old dispute between the two neighbors. Sargsyan is due to attend the Oct. 14 World Cup qualifier in Bursa, northwest Turkey, the first visit by an... Read more

Armenian media report on EuFoA’s conference

On Tuesday, 13 October in Yerevan, EuFoA hosted a conference entitled "EU and NATO - how to secure stability for Armenia and the South Caucasus". The event was organized in the framework of NATO week in Armenia, and co-sponsored by NATO.   Below we provide you with two articles about the event.   There is lack of security guarantees in the South Caucasus (source:   13.10.2009 16:38 - Lusine... Read more

EuFoA comments on EU role in Turkey rapprochement

Articles from, ANP and, quoting EuFoA on EU role in Turkey rapprochement.   EU Should Be Guarantor for Armenia-Turkey Ties, Group Says 2009-10-07 09:59:33.950 GMT By Mark Bentley Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The European Union should act as a guarantor for agreements between Armenia and Turkey designed to strengthen the countries' relations, European Friends of Armenia said. The EU "should make sure that the protocols are first ratified by both parliaments, and... Read more

EuFoA comments on establishment of diplomatic ties between Armenia and Turkey

Turkey, Armenia set program for establishing ties (source:   Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Turkey and Armenia agreed on steps toward establishing full diplomatic ties for the first time between the neighbors, divided for almost a century over the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. The countries will hold six weeks of domestic debate over the accords, drawn up under Swiss mediation, before they are submitted for... Read more

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