EuroNews airs extensive report on EU-Armenia relations – featuring EuFoA

Today, EuroNews starts broadcasting a 10 minute report on Armenia which will run several times during the course of the coming week. The idea to produce this film was inspired by European Friends of Armenia.   "We are very happy that EuroNews understands the political importance of EU-Armenia relations and showed the Armenian and European side of the story. The relations between Armenia and Europe are much more advanced than publically noticed and they are a key asset for peace,... Read more

European Commission annual report sees progress in EU-Armenia relations

The European Commission today published its annual progress report about EU-Armenia relations in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Foreign Affairs Commissioner Ferrero Waldner presenting the ENP country reports on 23 April in Brussels (source: European Commission)The report concludes positively, given the politically difficult internal situation in Armenia in 2008.   European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) welcomes the acknowledgment of the overall progress as an... Read more

EU-Armenia Parliamentary Meeting concludes positively

Parliamentarians from the European Parliament and the Armenian National Assembly held a very constructive consultation in Yerevan on 7-8 April 2009 and adopted a common resolution on current issues of EU-Armenia relations. The meeting once more proved the strong interest of both sides to keep and intensify good relations, without neglecting the issues that are of concern. For co-chair Marie Anne Isler Béguin, it was the last Armenia-visit as head of the European Parliament's South Caucasus... Read more

European Friends of Armenia launches website

European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) today launched its website and with that starts its public activities. The website will inform not only about the recently founded organisation but mainly about the state of relations between Armenia and Europe. "We want our website to become a key source of information about Armenia's relations with Europe. For this we will not only publish our research but also link up and analyse the most relevant news in this field", said Secretary General Michael... Read more

Interview with Raul de Luzenberger about the new Eastern Partnership

In an interview with, EU Ambassador Lutzenberger, here pictured in a recent meeting with EuFoA Secretary General Michael Kambeck, describes the key elements and challenges of the new Eastern Partnership. writes:   Eastern Partnership can help development of cooperation in South Caucasus, by Raul de Luzenberger Armenia is dynamically integrating into European structures. The inclusion of the republic in the Eastern Partnership initiative can encourage... Read more

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