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The Armenian crusade of father Grigor

Last week a group of Italian journalists, made a trip to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. On that occasion they had the chance to meet several personalities belonging to the political and civil society fields.     On 18 November the Italian newspaper Il Riformista published an article, written by Anna Mazzone. It deals with the current situation of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and its implications for Armenia.   (...) We are extremely concerned about the... Read more

Debate around Azerbaijani attempts to vote a UN resolution on Nagorno-Karabakh

Recent Azerbaijan attempts to vote a UN resolution on Nagorno-Karabakh - despite the fact that the OSCE Minsk Group is the only internationally recognized forum to deal with this conflict - was largely commented in Armenia and Europe. The EuFoA press release on this subject was a part of this debate, and EuFoA Secretary General was interviewed by the Armenian media to further explain EuFoA's position. Taking into consideration the international community, particularly the Minsk Group... Read more

Strong debate in Armenia about EP resolution

The recent European Parliament resolution on South Caucasus sparked intensive debate in Armenia. On this occasion, the EuFoA press release on the subject strongly contributed to the debate and was extensively quoted in Armenian media. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty used it for its news piece on the resolution and other media have entirely reprinted the press release.   Below please find the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty article.   Armenia Raps EU Parliament Over Karabakh... Read more

Turkey didn’t exactly know what journey it was embarking on

Please find below the exclusive interview of Dr Michael Kambeck, Secretary General of European Friends of Armenia, for Mediamax Agency (     "Turkey didn't exactly know what journey it was embarking on" (Exclusive interview of Dr Michael Kambeck, Secretary General of European Friends of Armenia (EUFOA), to Mediamax Agency, May 2010) (source:     - On April 22, Armenian President announced... Read more

On the Armenian Remembrance Day will Obama pronounce the word “genocide”? By Il Riformista

On 24 April, Il Riformista published an article by our Senior Research Fellow, Mr Ghazaryan, on the Armenian Remembrance day.   Here are few excerpts translated in English from the article. (...) The first generation of survivors (of the genocide) avoided talking about the genocide for the fear of not being understood, for the lack of reference models, given the inconceivable extent of that crime. The negation of and the lack of sanctions for genocide combined with the... Read more

Meeting with a French organisation « Collectif mémoire et avenir » in the European Parliament

EuFoA, represented by its Secretary General Michael Kambeck and Project Manager Lidia Gromadzka, participated in a meeting with a French organisation from Valence, « Collectif mémoire et avenir". The event took place Wednesday 14 April in the European Parliament and was organised by French MEP, Ms Michèle Rivasi. Please find below an article published in "Le Dauphiné Libéré" on Sunday 18 April and reprinted in an online newspaper "Nouvelles d'Arménie". Le Collectif Mémoire et... Read more

Europe-Armenia Advisory Council member MEP Frank Engel interviewed by Armenian media

On Friday 18 March, ArmInfo and PanArmenian published interviews with EuFoA's Europe-Armenia Advisory Council member, MEP Frank Engel, in which he discusses the Armenia-Turkey rapprochement and explains why the process is being hampered.   Below we provide you with the interviews. Other Armenian media, including Armtown and, reprinted the interviews.   Member of Europe-Armenia Advisory Council: Azerbaijan hampers Turkey's joining European Union (Source:... Read more

EuFoA comments on EU Delegation trip to South Caucasus

In an article appeared in Radio Free Europe on 1 March, EuFoA commented on the EU Delegation trip to South Caucasus praising the EU for its more more active involvement in the Western-backed process.   Below we provide you with the article from Radio Free Europe.     EU Delegation Due in Armenia (Source:     A high-level delegation of the European Union led by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel... Read more

Turkey should make friends with Armenia to win confidence of the European Union

On 26 February, ArmInfo published an interview with Dr Kambeck, Secretary General of EuFoA, about the open letter released by the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council calling upon a prompt intervention of the EU on the Turkey-Armenia rapprochement.   Below we provide you with the whole interview from ArmInfo. Turkey should make friends with Armenia to win confidence of the European Union (Source:... Read more

PanArmenian published EuFoA commentary on Turkey-Armenia rapprochement

In an article published in, EuFoA team commented on the Turkey-Armenia rapprochement stressing that if the normalisation process is successful, all the region will benefit from it.   Below we provide you with the two articles quoting EuFoA Secretary General, Dr Michael Kambeck. Turkey is now at the crossroads (Source:   If Turkey wants to be seen as a credible international player, one whose signature has a... Read more

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